Discover Värmland and the Ekshärad area

Värmland is a very popular holiday destination in Sweden. Actually, Värmland is Sweden in miniature. Green, sloping hills in the south and rougher forests with lynxes, elks and bears in the north. Are you looking for peace, nature or sports activities? Värmland has it all! Vast green forests with numerous lakes for swimming or fishing. A beautiful river for canoeing and rafting. Hills with endless trails for mountainbiking. Nature is the largest playground for kids.

Ekesberget Stugby is located in the heart of Värmland, in the middle of that beautiful, natural playground, within walking distance of the beautiful town Ekshärad. This town is known for its rich history and its beautiful church, located on the river Klarälven.

Ekesberget Stugby is a perfect operating base for numerous activities and sightseeings!


At only 16km from Ekesberget Stugby, you will find the beautiful waterfall Brattfallet. It is a wide waterfall where children can clamber over the many stones. If you are brave enough, you can climb down next to the waterfall and swim at the bottom of the waterfall.

Several hikes depart from this waterfall. The longest hike will lead to beautiful views over the Klarälven.



Wild animals

Many different wild animals live in the surrounding area of Ekshärad, such as bears, lynxes, deers, roe deers, wolves, beavers and elks. Most of them hide themselves. Of course you can drive through the forest, looking for an elk. It is such a magical moment if you suddenly observe one, right in front of you. He crosses the road with great strides. He is not afraid of cars, so if you are very quiet, he will usually look at you curiously. It is also possible to join a guided elk safari. A professional will take you into the forest at a specific time to search for the king of the forest. This big adventure may be a little bit boring for kids. After all, you have to spend quite some time in the car. For those who are too impatient, there is an elk park at only 8km from Ekesberget Stugby. In this park you can feed and even touch an elk, under supervision. A wonderful experience!



Water, water and more water..

Ekshärad is located on the river Klarälven. It flows from Sweden to Norway and then back to Sweden. After 480km it flows into the largest lake of Sweden, the Vänern. The Klarälven offers numerous possibilities and activities.

Rafting is one of the most popular activities. Together with family and friends you build your own raft from tree trunks and ropes. Then, you can start relaxing. You float down the river. There are all kinds of tours with different lengths.

Would you rather go down the river by canoe or kayak? You have come to the right address! You can rent canoes and kayaks at various locations and enjoy the Klarälven or one of the beautiful lakes.

There are so many lakes to discover in the surrounding area of Ekesberget Stugby. You can go fishing at approx. 2km in the Mossbergsjön. Knon, Ämten and Mussjön are also beautiful lakes for fishing or sailing.

If you are looking for a nice place to swim, we recommend the lakes Gröcken and Rådasjön. The Rådasjön has a large sandy beach where children can amuse themselves. Although Gröcken has a slightly smaller beach, it is a bit closer.




There are also plenty of possibilities for horse lovers in the surrounding are of Ekesberget Stugby. Two horse ranches are located at only 9km. You will feel like a real cowboy. Riding in Western Style through the beautiful surroundings of Ekshärad. Do you have no experience, but would you like to give it a try? We are more than willing to teach you some skills!


The town Ekshärad is definitely worth a visit. The church in the city centre is very beautiful and has a beautiful cemetery with iron crosses, which are known for their clinking in the wind. Behind the church you can enjoy a beautiful view of the river. On the other side of the road is the Handverkgata. It is filled with small huts where locals show specific crafts. You can admire leather processing, wood processing and wool crafts and buy products. At the end of the Handverkgata, you can enjoy a cup of coffee on a small terrace.

From the Handverkgata you can easily reach the Hembygdgård, the open-air museum of Ekshärad, where various activities are organized in Summer.

On the south side of Ekshärad is a real Stavkyrka. This church is a replica of the church that stood here around 1100.



Hiking and wandring

In addition to the thousand lakes, the province of Värmland consists of 77% forest. Vast forests that ensure many hours of walking pleasure. Enjoy space and peace and you might even observe a moose in the wild. The 11 km long walk from holiday park Ekesberget Stugby is absolutely great. You walk over three hill tops (Tre Toppar) with magnificent views. You'll also pass a giants grave. Ekshärad has a rich history of storytelling. There is a story about Ekes Giant. The Giant of Ekesberget. 



In Wintertime Värmland also offers many possibilities. Did you know for example this is a wonderful ski area? The province of Värmland offers almost 60 km of ski runs: the ski areas are enclosed by 49 ski lifts. The most popular ski area is Branäs, a little more to the north. You don’t feel like taking the car? Next to holiday park Ekesberget Stugby three smaller ski runs are located. You can go skiing almost straight from your holiday home. Isn’t it lovely, such a winter sports holiday in Värmland. Enjoy the movie down below about skiing on Ekesberget.